MARINER SHIPPING COMPANY Ltd is a Ship Agency since 1980. Over the years of operation, the Company has acquired a high degree of competence and reliability with regards the services offered.

The objective of the Company is to promote and provide all her customers with the above mentioned services according to their needs and expectations. In so doing the company will try to meet and exceed the customers’ needs and expectations in the best possible way. The services are provided according the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and are also in full accordance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations.

The Company is fully committed in achieving a consistently high standard to meet and exceed the needs of its customers and Principals, continual improvement and to remain a leading company in this field.

In order to demonstrate this, the company operates a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The Quality System and the quality objectives that are set are reviewed at all times so that they can always be improved and adapted to the needs of the customers and the market and therefore be aligned with the quality system demands. Quality in the provision of services to all customers is strictly related to good operating procedures.

Through its Quality Management System the Company always endeavours to seek new business opportunities and new business partners, who will augment the quality of services offered to customers.

The Management and staff are fully committed to this policy and follow the adopted system at all times. Customer satisfaction and the good name of MARINER SHIPPING COMPANY Ltd are directly linked to this concept and all staff will follow it without deviation. This policy is subject to continuous review in order to ensure its suitability to the Quality system requirements and covering of all the activities of the system.

The Quality Policy is available to all, who might be interested in it, through Company’s Internet site.